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Eating Out

Cahir has a great selection of restaurants to choose from such as Chinese, Italian, Indian, Steak House, European cuisine and plenty of pubs offering bar food. There are also a few cafes offering light snacks during the day.




Local Activities

For those of you who like some activity there is plenty for you to do locally such as golfing, horse riding, hill walking, fishing, tennis and cycling. For anyone with relevant qualifications scuba diving trips can be arranged.





Local History

The fifteenth century Cahir Castle, located on a rocky island in the River Suir, was built to be impregnable, that is until the arrival of heavy cannons on the battlefields. Although it fell several times in its history Cahir Castle is still known as the best preserved large Irish castle. Not for nothing scenes for John Boorman's movie Excalibur were filmed in this castle.

Beside the river as barrier there are three succeeding cords and the barbican to defend the core of the castle. The core, positioned at the higher end of the island, is built on the foundations of the original thirteenth century fortress. The round tower is probably also built on thirteenth century earthworks.